Pescaventura Tourism has, over the years, been specializing in the areas of ecotourism
and sport fishing, offering to its client’s safety, comfort, fishing quality and enjoyment
with a special feature, full integration with nature.

Focusing on being environmentally friendly, we work in preserved doing sensible tourism without leaving any kind of damage to the area. We seek to promote touristic facilities that follow preservationist policy, following a preservationist policy and understanding the importance of the fishing catch and release, based on the self sustaining sport.

Our team cares about the good relationship with local communities, without any kind of cultural degeneration. All of our products are carefully evaluated before being sold.

Furthermore, the Pescaventura Tourism cares for their customers, offering the best services such as air and land transfer, travel insurance, flight ticket, technical advice for the fisherman and support, which involves programming from departure to arrival and optimizing costs as much as possible.


Perfect for you and your family

Increasingly, Pescaventura Tourism, has been forming new fishermen and adding to its profile, women and children, who found in fishing a way to unite nature to sport. Today, the fishing structures are no longer attended only by men and turned into an environment of family living. A feature our team dedicated itself to provide.

Our tour operation includes experienced professionals, led by experts. Check it!


Graduated in Tourism, since 1999 working with the sportfishing area, Andrea is the only one that didn’t  have any fishing background before starting to work with it. She learned to fish to better understand her job and immediately feel in love with the sport. All it took was to look at her first catch and she never stopped ever since. Practice earned her baggage, making it possible for her to develop sensible itineraries for the fishermen to enjoy themselves with safety and quality.

Marcel Matheus

Marcel began to fish around his 7 with his father and uncles all throughout fishing spots, rivers and lakes in different states and cities where he lived. Since very early, his love for sport fishing provided a lot of experience in the amazon region, acquiring knowledge and developing techniques regarding amazon region species. Graduated in Company Administration with a specialization in Technical Aquaculture, his experience adds to Pescaventura services that strengthens even more our sustainable tourism identity.